” I did it Again ! ” 8th of March – “Ladies Party” at Bordello’s

First of all … don’t even ask after you see this post ! :))  No Questions !

After i did my other show at Sangria called “Just a Gigolo”  , i came ” very normally ” to this place called Bordello’s .

I have to say … i never sow that many girls there in one day . They were really  crazy ! Who was there knows better . We had really good time together .

All these photos are just a few seconds of what means that party . Can you imagine all night long ? :))

So , like this it was starting – ” The Ladies Party ” ! Very dressed  :))

But , i made some promises like ” Watch out girls ,only tonight – i’ll do whatever you want ! And that was enough to … but you better watch it !

For all you who want to see the other sets of pictures , just visit my Facebook Profile , where you can find it all !

    • Ally
    • March 19th, 2010

    8 Martie 2009 – Twice, 8 Martie 2010 Bordello`s 🙂
    Nice job you did there… Doar la asta te pricepi cel mai bine, nu? 🙂
    Succese cu carul!!!
    Kisses :*

    • mrmihai
    • March 19th, 2010

    :)) Thnx … eh , trebuia sa fi fost in Bordello’s , ti-ar fi placut 🙂

    … kisses :*

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